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Bed trends for Autumn/Winter 2019

Bed trends for Autumn/Winter 2019

With the cold weather on the horizon as wave goodbye to the summer weather, we’re all looking forwards to the cold winter nights. Whether you’re snuggling up with a cosy hot chocolate, watching an action-packed film or enjoying a good book, its highly likely that you’re snuggled up in bed.

Cosy beds are always going to be popular in the autumn and winter months as you escape the cold. In the UK we feel the urge to get comfy and cosy when we are sleeping or relaxing in bed, so having a bed and bedroom accessories that are on trend helps to create that atmosphere.

When it comes to creating the perfect bedroom, every home interior enthusiast knows that picking the right key pieces is essential. From choosing the right headboard to picking the right accessories, we can help you put together the ultimate bedroom to relax and escape in.

Luxe headboards

A luxe headboard not only makes a statement in your bedroom, but it also brings with it a sense of indulgence. Indulgent crushed velvets and chenille bring a touch of sophistication to any bedroom and help us relax.

Upholstering headboards in rich jewel-toned velvets adds a touch of sophistication in the often-subdued sanctuary of any bedroom.

The Chesterfield Crushed Velvet or Alton Wall Headboard Cream are the perfect choices to make a statement in your bedroom this autumn/winter.

Ottoman boxes

An ottoman box provides additional storage space in your bedroom and can tie in perfectly to your bed. The lid lifts easily to provide additional storage space for excessive shoes collections, kids toys or unsightly electrical that you don’t want to be on show.

At we have a range of ottomans available that can fit perfectly into your bedroom. If you’re looking for a new bed as well, why not get an ottoman that matches your bed to create one sleek and uniformed look?

Multifunction furniture

With houses typically becoming smaller and lives becoming busier, we are hearing more and more often that our client’s what bedroom furniture that can provide storage and fast access. Beds with storage options built in are often essential to ensure that the sleek and modern look of your bedroom is maintained.

From 2 draws on the same size to 4 draw solutions, our range of divan beds and ottoman beds are the perfect solution for your bedroom.

Bed trends for autumn/winter 2019 look to provide practicality and style in your home. There’s no reason why you can’t create a glamourous bedroom and hide away the clutter at the same time.

Our specialist team are always on hand to help you select the perfect bed, mattress, headboard or ottoman for your bedroom. We can help you incorporate the autumn/winter 2019 trends into your bedrooms.

27th September 2019

Joanne from London

My bed is as described and delivered very quickly. A change was well overdue and now we have a great nights sleep!

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