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Best storage beds 2021: 10 best storage beds to help you save on space

Best storage beds 2021: 10 best storage beds to help you save on space

Most regular folks don’t have the space for a master bedroom suite taking up an entire floor of your home, with acres of storage space hidden from view.

So if you're in need of a few more spots in which to throw all of your worldly possessions, but your bedroom is a little more spatially challenged, then choosing a storage bed can be a really effective space-saving idea. The best storage beds will cleverly combine beauty, style and aesthetics with form and functionality,  so you don’t need to take up floor space with cumbersome chests of drawers thanks to their discreet extra compartments.

Which are the best beds with storage?

The kind of storage bed you should opt for obviously depends on your personal preference and how much space you really need. In general, storage beds fall into two groups: those with under-bed drawers and those with a lifting mechanism that allows the whole bed to open, revealing ample space for extra bedding, clothes and whatever else you need to hide away from prying eyes.

Ottoman storage beds

With plenty of handy storage space accessed by a simple gas lift mechanism, Ottoman divan beds can help you create a clutter-free bedroom in which to unwind at the end of the day. An ottoman storage bed offers the largest amount of extra room, making full use of the storage space under the bed.

Practical solutions

If you’re in need of practical solutions to your storage issues, then choosing an ottoman storage bed doesn't mean you have to sacrifice on style.  The popularity of bedroom ottomans has increased significantly in recent years, with the main appeal being the storage space available right underneath your mattress. The average new home is now being built to smaller specifications than ever before, so how we make use of our available storage space is increasingly important. Of course, whether your home is large or small, extra storage space is always helpful!

Plus if you rent your home, a bed with storage means you’ll always have somewhere to keep your possessions in any property you live in. Plus, people love that most bedroom ottomans are compatible with any type of mattress, giving you greater flexibility.

Because the under-bed storage area is self-contained, all of your items will stay clean and dust-free, making a small double, king size or super king ottoman bed perfect for storing bedding and linens such as sheets, pillows, duvets and towels. 

Items for seasonal or occasional use, like winter coats, are also ideal pieces to be stored away under an ottoman bed frame.

Divan storage beds

If you want easy access to your stuff but don’t need gigantic amounts of extra space, then divan beds with drawers might be the best option for you. Some divan storage bed designs do come with surprisingly large drawers, offering an excellent amount of storage for your belongings, from books to spare sheets.

With a great mix of ottoman and divan options, we’ve rounded up some of our best storage beds below, so you can find the perfect storage solution that may earn you extra brownie points at home. 

Don't worry, you can thank us later when you've regained all that extra space in your bedroom ...

1 Edward Grey

The Edward grey divan bed comes in a gorgeous soft grey suede fabric and has side storage drawers available in a variety of combinations. The hand-crafted base is built to the highest standard and the bed benefits from anti-slip material on top of the base to keep the mattress in place, ensuring a perfect night's sleep. The divan comes with chromed glider feet to bring a modern look to this highly practical upholstered storage bed.

2 Louise

The Louise divan bed is crafted from luxurious crushed velvet material, giving it a real feel of elegance. Equipped with two bed drawers on the same side, this upholstered storage bed comes in silver, black and champagne, allowing you to choose the perfect colour option to match your home. Crafted with the highest-quality materials, this bed will give you plenty of extra space and years of comfort.

3 Isabella

The Isabella divan storage bed comes with a matching four-panel headboard in elegant grey; manufactured to the highest standard to match the elegant divan bed base. Each bed comes with a complete 2’’ pillow top high-density reflex foam. The mattress is crafted using locally-sourced materials to ensure the ultimate sleeping experience, and the soft grey colour of this luxury divan keeps it bang on trend. With a range of drawer options available, the Isabella often proves a popular choice.

4 Casablanca storage bed

The Casablanca storage bed combines a sense of luxury with practical utility. This fully upholstered storage bed using crushed velvet fabric, it features a high headboard with scroll design at the top edge. Highly padded, the button back headboard has a diamond pattern design. The aesthetic makes for a delightful design that adds a touch of elegance to any space. The base bed is lowly padded and also covered in matching crushed velvet fabric for a uniform look of luxury. It is constructed with curved doubled slats that enhance mattress support and provide separation from the storage space underneath the mattress area. The bed makes use of a hydraulic mechanism to raise the base top and provide access to a cavernous storage area for personal belongings. 

5 Zoe Ottoman Storage Bed

The Zoe ottoman storage bed is a beautiful blend of modern design coupled with natural wood influences. Exposed wood furniture is great for making a room feel warmer and more welcoming. The simple slatted headboard adds a touch of elegance while emphasising the sturdiness and solidity of the timber-built bed frame and base.  A hydraulic mechanism is incorporated into the base top, to allow for easy access to the storage space beneath. You can access the storage using both hands as the mechanism is able to hold the base top and mattress in an elevated position for prolonged periods.

6 Caxton Faux Leather Right-Side Lift Ottoman Bed

The Caxton Faux Leather bed frame is one of our most exceptional storage beds. Rather than lift up or give added storage with under-bed drawers; this piece tilts down on the right side to allow you access. You then have the entire under-bed space at your disposal. This system allows for maximum access as well as optimum ottoman storage capacity. Its suave, chic finish chimes perfectly with the furniture classics you would expect of a Caxton. 

7 Arden White High Gloss Storage Bed

The Arden storage bed offers a refreshingly bright centrepiece in a white high-gloss finish. Helping to bring some life into what can sometimes be a humdrum space, it features an all-timber construction that's both sturdy and smooth. The tall white headboard naturally draws the eye and makes for a good backdrop for whatever style or colour of bedding you choose. Its solid pine bed top offers extra support that is particularly helpful with heavier memory foam mattresses. The Arden has a hydraulic mechanism incorporated to help raise it to uncover the generous storage beneath. If you have the space to fit in a super king, this could be the ideal bed with storage that you've been searching for. 

8 Silver Crushed Velvet Ottoman Divan Bed 

This ottoman lift base is the perfect space saver. Providing an abundance of space that can be used to tidy away clothes, extra bedding and any clutter that may be taking up space. Hydraulic lifting arms make opening the bed's storage easy for anyone. 

9 Victoria Quilted Orthopaedic Open Spring Bed Set

The Victoria is a beautiful divan bed set. Built to an extremely high standard with a solid 12-inch high base and covered in a luxury quilted fabric in a range of colour options, this is the perfect focal point to any bedroom. Add to your divan base by opting for a headboard that comes in a variety of materials, and for added storage options choose under-bed storage drawers.

10 Paisley Grey Drawer Storage Bed Set

The Paisley is a perfect combination of modern design and practical functionality. Fully upholstered in soft-touch plain grey fabric, it features horizontally-embossed stripes on the headboard and chrome feet. The medium-height headboard comes in a straightforward square shape. The Paisley’s simple aesthetic is very much modern, making it ideal for contemporary settings.

The thick bed base not only provides an excellent support structure for the mattress but is also equipped with four drawers for extra storage - one on either side and two on the bottom side. These large storage drawers are easy to open despite the absence of pulls. The bed base is topped by sprung slatted slats which offer enhanced support for the mattress.

And then add even more storage...

And while we're at it, the Cubed Grey Chenille Ottoman Toy Storage Blanket Box is an understated way of adding even more storage at the foot of the bed - and it will complement a myriad of bedroom styles.  The chenille ottoman could be placed at the end of the bed to match a grey headboard. It might be used to disguise a multitude of laundry sins or even hide towels and blankets in the airing cupboard. It isn’t just beautiful, it’s highly versatile.

At our specialist team is always on hand to help you select the best storage bed solution for your bedroom, from single and small double and king size and super king. Plus, with free next day delivery available on hundreds of products including ottoman beds, you can be enjoying a great night’s sleep in a neat and tidy room in no time at all.

12th March 2021

Joanne from London

My bed is as described and delivered very quickly. A change was well overdue and now we have a great night's sleep!

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