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Keeping warm in bed this winter

Keeping warm in bed this winter

It’s a fact of life in the UK that many of us struggle to stay cool in bed during the summer months, when warm temperatures affect the quality of our sleep.

But what about keeping warm and cosy when it gets colder? 

And what’s the optimum temperature for us humans to get a great night’s rest?

Everyone loves the feeling of curling up in a toasty warm double bed for a long sleep.

But there’s not much worse than shivering in bed and according to a recent survey, around half of the UK population (49 per cent) suffer from sleepless nights due to cold temperatures. 

Temperatures usually reach their lowest in the early hours of the morning, and it’s then that people can find they’re too cold to sleep comfortably.

What’s the ‘best’ sleeping temperature?

Some experts believe that sleeping in a cooler bedroom can lead to a better night’s sleep and leave you refreshed for the day ahead.

But there’s another school of thought that thinks a warmer sleep environment offers a deeper, fuller sleep.

According to the UK’s Sleep Council organisation, 16-18°C  is thought to be the ideal bedroom temperature. Anything over 24°C can cause erratic, restless sleep patterns, whereas a cold room of 12°C or below makes it very difficult to keep your bed warm and fall asleep comfortably.

How do we keep warm if our room is cold?

If you enjoy a warm bed and you’ve got your room at the optimum temperature, there are a number of ways to warm up that can be added or removed throughout the night.

One great method is the good old-fashioned hot water bottle. A firm favourite for decades, hot water bottles are at their warmest while you’re falling asleep, and cool down as time passes, meaning you can still reach a good resting temperature.

Warm pyjamas and thick bed socks are also a great way to keep cozy in bed. Natural fibres like cotton, silk or wool can keep you warmer than clothing made from synthetic materials.

Plus if you get too warm you can either remove them or throw off some covers to help regulate your temperature.

But perhaps the most common way to create a warm cozy bed is to add extra throws or blankets on top. If you wake up and feel too warm you can pull them off the double bed or fold them down.

Should bedding be changed to suit the season?

Many of us in the UK use the same duvets year round, and only change the external conditions of the room.

There are a number of benefits to buying a warm duvet for the winter months and investing in a lighter summer option. 

If space proves to be an issue, vacuum bags can squash even the thickest of warm duvets down to a convenient storage size.

Your duvet plays a huge part in regulating your sleeping temperature. If you sleep under a giant winter warm duvet at the height of summer, you’ll soon find it uncomfortable, and the same is true of a thin duvet in winter.

Finding a duvet to suit the season helps to reduce the need for other warming aids.

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15th December 2020

Joanne from London

My bed is as described and delivered very quickly. A change was well overdue and now we have a great night's sleep!

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