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Mattresses 101 - Pick your ideal mattress

Mattresses 101 - Pick your ideal mattress

No matter what your sleep style is, there’s a perfect mattress out there for you, you’ve just not found it yet. What is the most comfortable mattress for you might not be the most popular or on-trend solution, however getting a good night’s sleep is the most important thing.

Whether you’re a side sleeper, front sleeper or back sleeper, it is important to select your mattress and the level of support it provides accordingly. Too often we hear people saying, how do I get a good night sleep? And more often than not it is your mattress that is causing you problems and stopping you from getting some good quality sleep in.

Here’s an overview of the different mattresses on the market and how they work. Meaning you can pick the perfect mattress for you without worrying.


A sprung mattress provides great support by distributing your bodyweight equally. You won’t feel too warm either, as the open spring construction allows air to circulate. The classic sprung mattress is great value for money and lighter than most other models of mattress.

Memory Foam

It is often the ideal mattress for those who suffer from back pain as it helps to align your spine and maintain posture. A memory foam mattress is a mouldable material that adapts to your body weight and shape to provide support and relieve pressure on your joints where necessary.

Memory foam mattresses have lots of air pockets in and when pressure is placed on the memory foam, these pockets release the air, the foam compresses and moulds to your body. This allows your body to sink slightly into the material.


A pocket sprung mattress is typically seen as the more luxurious version of the classic sprung mattress and is made from individual small springs housed in their own pocket of fabric. Each spring is able to operate independently, providing more support.

It is also a great option if you’re looking for a bed for two people, as the separate springs will cater for your different needs and weights and minimise the risk of you rolling towards your partner during the night.

Pillow Top

The hybrid of the mattress world, a pillow top mattress allows for a classic mattress of either foam or sprung with an extra layer on the top that’s made like a pillow or a thick mattress topper, hence the name.

For people who require additional comfort or need some extra support like side sleepers, pillow-top mattresses are an ideal solution.


Foam mattresses have grown in popularity over recent years as their design is effective at providing comfort and pain relief. A classic foam mattress is available in a wide range of firmness rating as compared to memory foam so if often a great option for those sleepers who require a firm mattress whilst they sleep.

The comfort of a mattress is entirely down to personal preference, what suits you might not be the ideal solution for someone else. While there is no single mattress that will be universally appealing to everyone, we’ve pulled out the benefits of the 7 most popular mattresses on the high street. So, let’s see what makes a comfortable mattress and how they all vary.

29th December 2019

Joanne from London

My bed is as described and delivered very quickly. A change was well overdue and now we have a great nights sleep!

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