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Memory foam mattresses - what difference do they make?

Memory foam mattresses - what difference do they make?

Struggling to get a quality night’s sleep? Have you considered that it might be your mattress that is preventing you from waking up feeling refreshed and renewed? 

If you frequently wake up feeling stiff and sore, then it may be worth considering investing in a new mattress. A memory foam mattresses are designed to shape to your body's weight and shape whilst you sleep to provide you with the maximum level of support and relieve pressure on your joints. 

Memory foam mattresses have a lot of advantages over other types of mattresses that can help the overall quality of your sleep. They are often the go-to mattress for people looking for an increased level of support whilst they sleep. Here’s why we love memory foam mattresses: 

Support your body

Designed to mould to the natural contours of your body and support your frame, memory foam mattresses support your body whilst you sleep. With an additional level of support, back pains and joint aches can be minimised, helping you sleep throughout the night. 

Supporting your entire body equally, it’s proven to be an excellent choice for anyone that suffers from pain. A firm mattress may only make the pain matter worse.

Reduces movement

Ideal for couples, memory foam absorbs surface movement to reduce disturbances when a partner rolls over or adjusts their sleeping position in bed. Memory foam works to reduce the motion from tossing and turning, as disturbances are minimal all while the mattress conforms to each of your body's unique needs.

Keep cool

Memory foam mattresses are able to react to your body temperature keeping it cool when you are hot and cold. In lower temperatures the mattress is firmer, making the cold winter nights a little easier to deal with. In higher temperatures it’s softer and more elastic, allowing you to achieve comfort even on the hottest of summer nights.

Fit to your body

Memory foam mattresses are constructed to actively mould to the shape of your body in response to heat and pressure, allowing the surface to evenly distribute body weight when occupied and return to its original shape once the pressure is removed.

With memory foam, there is no bouncing, creaking, or movement, so if you’re sharing the bed with your partner you won’t feel a thing if they are rolling around throughout the night.

Memory foam mattress toppers

If you're not quite sold on a memory foam mattress, but fancy getting a feel for the how the foam moulds to the shape of your body, you may want to consider buying a memory foam mattress topper.

It won't make your mattress any more supportive, but it may make it more comfortable.

9th January 2020

Joanne from London

My bed is as described and delivered very quickly. A change was well overdue and now we have a great nights sleep!

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