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Spring Cleaning: Beds & Bedroom Innovative Ideas

Spring Cleaning: Beds & Bedroom Innovative Ideas

Nothing comes close to coming home to a clean and tidy home. When the skies start to become brighter in the morning and you can see Spring peaking through the clouds, for many, it is time for a big house clean and in particular, a spring clean up.

At Beds.Net, we realise that after the long winter months, some houses can be left unloved, needing some TLC! If spring cleaning seems like your worst nightmare, do not fear, we have compiled some of our top spring cleaning tips on how to bring your home back to life. Grab your vacuum and get ready to clean!

Wipe away Winter

Make a spring cleaning list

Time to get organised! Why not write down, in order or priority, which tasks need doing? A spring cleaning list can be scary at first, however once ever it’s all done, it will be like a weight has been lifted. It helps you remain stress-free when carrying out your yearly spring clean up.

Walls, Windows and Window sills

Even though it may not seem like they collect dust, they do. Giving them a little spring clean up will not only brighten the room, but make it look more spacious.

Clean all surfaces and storage

Things such as bedside tables, wardrobes and lamps are most likely to attract dust particles, and therefore need dusting regularly. When dusting, it is important to start with the highest surfaces and work your way down, preventing the dust knocking on to things you have already dusted. Removing clothes from your wardrobe can also help, this can allow you to see clearly where the dust has collected within the wardrobe.

When spring cleaning, make sure you don’t miss a spot! A second opinion cannot go a miss in this instance, you may need someone to help you with this task!

Tackling the floordrobe

We are all guilty of throwing our clothes on the floor after a long day at work, but now's your time to hang these up! Making the floor look tidier can take away a lot of stress. Place these clothes in the wash or simply hang them up! This should always be on your cleaning itinerary, never mind the spring cleaning list!

A clean floor promotes a healthier space - after a good spring cleaning of course!

Vacuum the carpet

Once all the surfaces are clean, this enables you to move onto the larger surface area - the carpet. If you don’t have a carpet, simply use a mop and some disinfectant and get mopping!


Sitting there collecting dust, perfume sprays and makeup - our mirrors can become dirty very easily. There are a lot of spring cleaning tips out there on how to clean your mirror correctly, so no need to worry if you are ever unsure!

Strip the bed and wash the sheets

Bed sheets should be washed at least every week, if not more. There is no feeling like sleeping on clean sheets!

Make the bed

After you’ve placed your dirty sheets on a 30 minute spin, make sure they are dry and then make your bed. Poof up the pillows and make it look pretty! A brilliant way to end your spring clean up.


Sometimes we can fall out of love with the layout of our bedroom, which is why reorganising regularly can benefit your mental health. Tidy room, tidy brain! It may feel like a mundane task, however it increases your sense of self-pride!


This is the most important task. Making sure that you dedicate at least a day every two weeks to clean your bedroom, it doesn't have to be a full spring clean, however a quick dusting and a vacuum can make a huge difference! Writing down spring cleaning tips that you have accumulated over the years may be a good way to turn this tiresome task into a fun one!

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16th April 2020

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