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Which is best - a bed frame or divan bed?

Which is best - a bed frame or divan bed?

When it’s time for you to choose a new bed, it can be hard to know for sure which is the right type to opt for.

Would a divan bed work best in your space? Or would a classic bed frame be a better choice?

Many people think that bed frames tend to be chosen for their style and design, while divans are picked for their functionality.

But of course your choice depends solely on your individual needs and preferences. 

Here, are taking a look at pros and cons each type of bed has to offer. You might just find out which is right for you - a bed frame or a divan bed?

Divan beds/divan bases

Put simply, a divan bed is a fabric-covered box base that can be used for storage, with a mattress placed on top. 

Divan beds are available with options such as drawers, lift-up ottoman storage and a sprung base, and most divan beds also have castors or small feet for maneuverability.


Many divan beds are designed with sprung bases, to give sleepers extra comfort and extend the lifespan and effectiveness of the mattress it’s been paired with.

Most are crafted with large drawers or other storage options incorporated into the base.

Double divan beds also tend to take up less floor space than bed frames, as they tend to have almost exactly the same dimensions as the mattress on top. 

This is helpful if, for example, you need to position a double divan bed between your fitted wardrobes, or squeeze a single divan bed into a small bedroom.

Headboards can be installed and swapped easily on double divan beds, so you can change the look of your room without having to change the entire bed.

Divan bases now come in a huge range of colours and fabrics, so you can still create a stylish look while benefiting from your divan’s practicality and functionality. 


In the past, divan bases were sometimes less ‘aesthetically pleasing’ than bed frames, but as we mentioned above, this is now changing.

The storage space in divan drawers may not be as accommodating as the available space under many bed frames.

However, you could choose a lift-up ottoman divan base to counter this problem as the entire base can then be used for storage. 

Bed frames

Designed and crafted out of metal, wood, fabric or leather, bed frames offer you the classic bed look, tend to be easier on the eye and have a bigger footprint than a divan. 

Created in all shapes and sizes, bed frames are usually made of separate parts (side rails, slats, footboard and headboard) that are all connected together in situ.


You can easily get the exact look you want as bed frames are available in many styles, materials and colours.

Available in a large number of heights and sizes, a good-quality bed frame should last for many years. You can also choose from a wide variety of mattresses, giving you hundreds of options.

The individual sections of a bed frame are usually smaller than those of a divan base, so it can be the better choice for rooms where access might prove difficult.


Some good-quality mattresses are not suitable for the slatted base on a bed frame.

They are sometimes also not as good for the lifespan and effectiveness of your mattress as a sprung base on a divan bed.

Frames do tend to take up more space due to bed posts, side-rails, footboards and headboards, and anything that’s stored underneath is likely to be visible. 

At our specialist team is always on hand to help you select the perfect bed frame or divan bed for your bedroom.

Plus, with free next day delivery available on hundreds of products, you can be enjoying a great night’s sleep on your new bed frame or divan bed in no time.

16th November 2020

Joanne from London

My bed is as described and delivered very quickly. A change was well overdue and now we have a great night's sleep!

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