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Open Coil Mattresses

If you're buying a mattress for the first time, exploring the benefits of open coil mattresses is a great place to start.

Explore our range of comfortable, supportive and affordable open coil mattresses available in a range of styles and sizes.

What is an open coil mattress?

Sprung mattresses are the most common type of mattress in the UK and offer support for every sleeping position.

Traditional manufacturing methods are used with open coil mattresses, and a standard double open coil mattress will contain around 300 metal springs.

There are no pockets in a sprung mattress, with the springs instead made from a single continuous coil of wire to support your body weight whilst you're sleeping.

Offering maximum support

Our hand-made traditional spring mattresses use open coil springs to offer maximum support and comfort, responding and contouring to your body shape and distributing weight evenly.

While some people prefer pocket sprung mattresses and high-tech spring unit, the open coil mattress is just as popular thanks to the comfort it offers.

Not only that, open coil mattresses are typically a more affordable option than some pocket spring mattresses.

The lower price of a traditional spring mattress doesn’t compromise on comfort of course, but it does make such a mattress a first-rate option for those on a tighter budget.

Why choose a sprung mattress?

The manufacturing process helps to create a firmer mattress, which is why coil springs are used in orthopaedic beds, as the mattress's sleeping surface is perfect for people who have issues with their spine or joints.

An open coil mattress is an intelligent option if you suffer from regular back pain.

Standard sprung mattresses provide a level sleeping surface that helps to correct your posture as you sleep.

Unlike some pocket sprung mattresses, the open coil springs spread your bodyweight evenly. Open coil mattresses work reactively to relieve pressure and also encourage proper spinal alignment.

Great for practicality and mobility

Open coil mattresses are also much lighter to lift and move than an equivalent pocket sprung mattress. This means they're easy to flip and rotate when needed, so they’re great mattresses if you're moving to new house, plus it also makes them a great option for regular room re-arrangers.

Mattresses that use the open coil spring system provide great support for side sleepers due to their high firmness ratings and are more suited to an orthopaedic role than perhaps a soft mattress with individual fabric pocket springs or memory foam.

When can I expect delivery of my open coil mattress?

If you're open coil mattress shopping, choose from's selection in small, single mattress, small double, double mattress, king size and super king size, all at unbeatable prices and with free next-day delivery on orders over £100.

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